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NOVEMBER 12 @ 10:00 a.m.

VOTE! You can vote your proxy ballot you received in the mail any weekday (8:30 to 4:30) by taking it by the office and having Sandy notarize it.

New Board Resolution on

Deed Restriction Enforcement

2022 0420 Recorded Deed Restrictions Enforcement Resolution.pdf
CP Sec 1 Deed Restr.pdf
CP Sec 2 Deed Restr.pdf
CP Sec 3 Deed Restr (2).pdf
CP Sec 4 Deed Restr.pdf

Corinthian Point Deed Restrictions

At Corinthian Point we have a vision

of community that has been set out

in our founding documents.

CP Communicator

Community Events

Architectural Control Committee

Guidelines and the Application Form

2021 CP Recorded Management Certificate.pdf

Corinthian Point Management Certificate

New Resolution by the Board of Directors

After much feedback from the community at the December meeting of the Board of Directors,

the resolution passed in September of 2021 was replaced by a new resolution

acknowledging those concerns.

Recorded Parking Resolution.pdf

Corinthian Point Board of Directors - 2021

L-R: Leigh Cotton (Vice-Pres.), David Kuntz (Secretary), Debbie Andrew (VP),

Jerry Spence (President), Ken Cornell (Treasurer)